Wings the Marines of HMM-165
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Tustin MCAS Tustin CA 1965 - Marines of HMM-165 are practicing external hook-ups at Miles Square.  At this time, the Squadron was so short of qualified enlisted Crew/Chiefs that "commissioned" Crew/Chiefs had to fill-in. - photo courtesy of Rick Roth -
LTA LTA a.k.a., Santa Ana, CA August 1965 - Three Marines relax in their barracks at LTA. HMM-165 was in the process of forming-up before deploying to Vietnam.  The three gents are (from left to right) Henney, George "Shorty" Davis and Bill Miller. - photo courtesy of Rick Roth -
Blackstar Practice LZ, California 1965 - The first : "Black Star" This LZ offered practicing pilots a "rough area" landing site: with lots of room, yet uneven deck and plenty of brush. - photo courtesy of Rick Roth -
CAL Practice LZ, California, 1965 - CAL ("Confined Area Landing;" site #4) was located 15 miles east of LTA, elevation 3,000 ft. and with a 30'x40' zone. It had an 80% reverse slope and 10% face slope. CH-46 pilots found this information VERY useful in planing their approachs and departures. - photo courtesy of Rick Roth -
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