Wings the Marines of HMM-165
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Tustin MCAS Tustin CA 1966 - LTA before they had finished the taxi way to the "big mat" and here is about where the line shack was eventually situated. In the back ground you can see Hanger #1 and the control tower. - photo courtesy of Rick Roth -
LTA Santa Ana, CA 1966 - One of four new birds assigned to HMM-165.  In the background you can see the tail section of a H-34D from HMH-462, and off to the right, LTA's Hanger #1 - photo courtesy of Rick Roth -
Yuma, Arizona, June-July, 1966 - A gaggle of CH-46As from HMM-165 at gunnery qualification in Yuma. This activity was scheduled just prior to the Squadron's deployment to Vietnam. - photo courtesy of Rick Roth -
Ky Ha, Republic of Vietnam, late 1966 - Welcome to our new home - photo courtesy of Jim Lowrey -
Ky Ha, Republic of Vietnam, late 1966 - The Sea Bees just finished laying asphalt for the new landing pad and parking mat at HMM-165's home in Ky Ha. To the right of the CH-46 helicopter is SSgt. Tucker with the crew chief Richard A. Dick. - photo courtesy of Rick Roth -
USS Valley Forge, September 1966 - Aboard the USS Valley Forge (LPH-8) in October 1966 off the central/north coast of Vietnam.  The Squadron was engaged in flight operations. John Head (left) stands with Doc Panco, a navy corpsman who was assigned to HMM-165 just before leaving the States. Like all corpsman, Doc was highly respected by the Marines with whom he served. - photo courtesy of John Head -
September/October 1966 - L/Cpl John Head was 'brown-shirted' for flight operations aboard the USS Valley Forge (LPH 8) on HMM-165's way to Viet Nam.  Brown shirts were Avionics technicians, who were on flight deck standby for repairs whenever the CH-46s were launched or landed.  This photo was taken after departing Hawaii and nearing Okinawa. The "Valley" followed a typhoon into Okinawa a few days after this shot when the sea swells grew to uncomfortable proportions. - photo courtesy of John Head -
Air Medal - Lt. "Mick" Sawyer receives his 1st Air Medal from LtCol. "Wild Bill" Eldredge - photo courtesy of Rick Roth -
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