Wings the Marines of HMM-165
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A flight of two HMM-165 sections (a total of four aircraft) flying in an echelon formation, return home to their base at Ky Ha (below), after completing a "grunt" insertion. Note that all the porthole windows have been removed; these were "removed," so that the grunts could combine their fire-power with the two aerial 50 caliber machine guns. - photo courtesy of Tom Mix -
Mercy Mission - An Orphan assault: an occasional "mercy mission" was made by a HMM-165 crew, Joe Page (Flt. Surgeon) and corpsmen to assist an orphanage on this island. - photo courtesy of Jim Sramek -
Heading for Da Nang - The "lead" bird (Yankee Whiskey-12) of a HMM-165 section, is framed through the HAC's (Helicopter Aircraft Commander, or pilot's) windshield. The HAC, Capt. "Hud" Manning (a.k.a. "Hut") in Helmet and Mae-West, borders the left side of this photo. This shot was taken while flying up the coast between Ky Ha and Da Nang (note the island below). - photo courtesy of Tom Mix -
Marine Corps Gazette Photo - This photo, which includes aircraft YW - One from HMM-165, was printed over the caption: "A helicopter lands 12 miles south of Da Dang, South Vietnam, while on Operation Stockton with A Co, 1st Bn, 7th Marines in July 1967." - photo from the Marine Corps Gazette & submitted by Tom Mix -
Lt. Tom Mix is comfortably situated on the crew/chief's jump seat. Directly behind Tom (forward) is the '46's cockpit. The open hatch on the starboard side offered year-round air conditioning in the hot climate of Vietnam. - photo courtesy of Rick Roth -
Line Shack - HMM-165's Ky Ha Line Shack all prettied up! - photo courtesy of Joe "Hulk" Silveira -
The Hootches - The hooches provided all the Marines of HMM-165 with living quarters. Here the foldup windows are utilized for their abilities to dry just washed "utilities (uniforms)." - photo courtesy of Jim "Wizzy" Wissmar -
"Wizzy" Wissmar - Crew/chief Jim "Wizzy" Wissmar is checking out something on the rear pylon of his bird. Wizz is worked long and hard as our Squadron's Locator and kept the HMM-165 Reunion Association in an "up" status. - photo courtesy of Bill "Willie" Wilson -
Dong Ha Missions - Port-side gunner, Tom Mix, took this photo of their "wing bird" from the open rear ramp. The HMM-165 section, commanded by Capt. Steve Hanson, was flying re-supply missions out of Dong Ha. - photo courtesy of Tom Mix -
Captain Steve Hanson - Capt. Steve Hanson rests in his bunk at Ky Ha. This is one of the last known photos of him before he was shot down on 3 June, 1967. Two other crew members were KIA, one was captured and remained a prisoner until the end of the conflict. Steve was known to be alive after going down as he went back to the aircraft to retrieve some items. The North Vietnamese repeatedly claimed no knowledge of his disposition and his name didnot show on any of their prisoner or dead lists. In the fall of 2000, Steve's remains were found at the crash site in Loas and returned to the United States for interment. - photo courtesy of Dave Stewart -
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