Wings the Marines of HMM-165
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Name that LZ - An unnamed LZ. Who remembers the name of this outpost? If you know, please e-mail the web master (on the bottom of the main page) with the name and location of this LZ. - photo courtesy of Mike Stedz -
Rick Norris stands in front of YW-13 in his rather salty flight gear. Looks like #13 is ready for its pre-flight inspection. Phu Bai early 1968. - photo courtesy of Rick Norris -
Phu Bai - From the second floor of a Phu Bai barrack, one can make out the Mess Hall at the end of a row of shower/laundry shacks and a water tank/pool. - photo courtesy of Mike Stedz -
Conklin and Silveira - Larry Conklin and Joe "the Hulk" Silveira inside their Phu Bai two story hooch. These brand new wooden sleeping quarters were just built by the always appreciated Navy Sea Bees. - photo courtesy of Joe "Hulk" Silveira -
Marble Mountain - Down this Marble Mountain lane stands the Marine Air Group-16's EM Club (Enlisted Man's Club), and beyond is the South China Sea. - photo courtesy of Mike Stedz -
The Pilots' Office - From the rear cargo area, this shot looks forward over the center and main consoles (constructed of aluminum) in the cockpit: the working area of Marine CH-46 Pilots. - photo courtesy of Mike Stedz -
The gunners' Office Equipment - A typical air crewmen's work station and the equipment of their trade: the M-2 (aerial 50 caliber machine gun), a M-16 (.223 cal. rifle w/clips), smoke grenades and ammo belts aplenty. - photo courtesy of Mike Stedz -
Armed and Ready - Some of the air crewmen's equipment: 38 pistol with belt & holster and the "bullet bouncer (both front & back plate)." - photo courtesy of Mike Stedz -
On Board the USS Tripoli, 1968 - The Pilots of HMM-165 collect for a photo in front of a CH-46. Click here to view a larger photo - photo courtesy of John Dullingham -
A Marine Family - Meanwhile back "in the world," the "third wave" of replacements for the squadron was just coming into the Corps. This one is Pvt. Mike Everett, with his dad and younger brother shortly after "surviving" P.I. (Parris Island Recruit Depot). Mike was later to distinguish himself and was awarded the Silver Star. MSgt G.T. Everett, Mike's father, served in rifle units during WWII (3rd Marines) and Korea for a total of twenty-two years of Marine Corps service. Mike's younger brother, when of age, became Cpl. T. W. Everett and served in the 6th Marines. - photo courtesy of Mike Everett -
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