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Charlie Swabb hams it up at an "undisclosed position" at Marble Mountain. Could he be "hiding" from the "First Shirt?" - photo courtesy of Jim Cunnion -
Terrence Calo enjoying life at 3000 feet - photo courtesy of Jim Cunnion -
The Razorback - This view is looking Southeast, toward An Hoa, from the area of the "Razorback". If one could ignore the shell craters on the hills it was easy to be captivated by the mystical beauty - photo courtesy of Gary Zimmermann -
Leatherneck Square - This LZ is around the An Hoa area known as "Leatherneck Square." The name was given after the NVA attempted to occupy the region. The North Vietnamese Army crossed the DMZ with a force that outnumbered the defending Marines by 6:1. The Marines wrested and maintained control of the territory until they were ordered to withdraw. - photo courtesy of Gary Zimmermann -
Highway 9 - This photo is of Highway 9, "The Road to Hell," as it winds its way from the lowlands through the beautiful hill country and, eventually, into Laos. This had been a major infiltration route for the V.C. and their NVA allies. - photo courtesy of Gary Zimmermann -
Remote Artillery Position - One of the many "customers" of HMM-165 included this arty position in the hinterlands. Helicopters were the only supply line for many of the remote outposts. We would provide the Marines in areas like this with ALMOST everything they needed: ammo, water, food and, perhaps the most cherished, mail from home. - photo courtesy of Gary Zimmermann -
Seen Better Days - Three 165'ers look over the remains of this Yankee Whiskey bird in this "morning after" shot. The unfortunate helo was hit by incoming as it sat in it's revetment in Phu Bai. - photo courtesy of Gary Zimmermann -
The USS Valley Forge - Early 1968: approaching USS Valley Forge off the coast... HMM-165 was assigned to the III MAF's Battalion Landing Force during Operation Badger Catch... a vertical envelopment by the Cua Viet River... north of Dong Ha... - photo courtesy of Gary Zimmermann -
On Board the USS Valley Forge, 1968 - Early 1968, a CH-46 Wolf pack on the flight deck of the USS Valley Forge (LPH-8) - photo courtesy of Gary Zimmermann -
III MAF News - A 1968 clipping from Sea Tiger (III MAF's newspaper): HMM-165 developing procedure for "ladder" insertion with the First Force Recons. - clipping submitted by Gary Zimmermann -
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