Wings the Marines of HMM-165
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Da Nang, RVN, January 1969 - The Liberty Bridge: a familiar sight when either departing off to the boonie or returning home.
- photo courtesy of Mike Sledz -

Marble Mountain, RVN, 1969 - From left to right: Gil Siggins, George McPherson, Harry Foss, Bain Slack and 'Skip' Curtis relax with Henry "Hank" Giedzinski (in red chair) and Jerry Butts (also with his back to us).
- photo courtesy of Jim Cunnion -

Well deserved rest - A group of White Knights enjoy a B-B-Q at Marble after deploying from the USS Tripoli where HMM-165 provided the aerial lift needs of the Battalion Landing Force (BLF).
- photo courtesy of Jim Cunnion -

The legendary "Horsenipple Whiskey" is preparing for battle. Here Horsenipple Whiskey (known to his parents as Lt. Mike Wolter) demonstrates how one should handle two M-60s.
- photo courtesy of Jim Cunnion -
Crocker, Vessey and Cunnion - Cold Olympia beers! Even cool or warm beers hit the spot on Marble's heated metal, marston matting. Here, Ron Crocker, Charlie Vesey (KIA April 69) and Jim Cunnion are enjoying camaraderie and some beer.
- photo courtesy of Jim Cunnion -

LtCol George Patrick carrying the White Knight helmet on shield, relinquished command of HMM-165 on this day to Lt.Col. Thomas Raines.
- photo courtesy of Jim Cunnion -

HMM-165's squadron emblem HMM-165's squadron emblem is displayed for all to see down by the flight line at Marble. This is the same emblem that adorned each aft pylon.
- photo courtesy of Jim Cunnion -

Comrades in Arms: Fifteen HMM-165 Crew/Chiefs gathered for this group picture on the marston matting flight line of Marble Mountain. Joe Morin remembered the faces: from the left, they are... Jim Kenney, Mike Brida, Dave Gard (background), Arlin Austin, Joe Barret (background), Tommy Fevold, Hank Huerta, Joe Morin, Jose Valentine (foreground), Rip Taylor, Joe Dullilo, Steve Squeeres and Mike Everett.
- photo courtesy of Mike Everett -
Corporal Mike Everett - Twenty year old Corporal Mike Everett has just been presented with the Silver Star Medal by the Commanding Officer of Marine Air Station Beaufort (SC) in June 1970. Mike was cited for action on 15 April 1969 as a crew/chief with HMM-165.
Silver Star - Click here to read the Silver Star citation for Mike Everett
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