Wings the Marines of HMM-165
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HMM-165's Check Crew horse around in front of the equipment of their trade at marble Mountain, early 1969. They are (from left to right) Dick Frazier, Bill Heiob, Mike Heaton, S/Sgt. Shaw and Craig
- photo courtesy of Joe Morin -

The Squadron "street" at Marble Mountain in mid 1969. Not much change since the hooch's of '67, except these have metal siding rather than wood. It is said that this particular design was "kinda warm". Notice that the hootch's are still build on "stilts" to help keep the rats and other various vermin out of the living area as much as possible.
- photo courtesy of Mike Everett -

South China Sea, off the coast of RVN, 1969 - These shipboard squadron-mates are Joe Morin, Mike Everett, Dave Gard and Hoot Gibson.
- photo courtesy of Joe Morin -

Major Reed crashed bird, I Corps, Republic of Vietnam, 1969 - Survey one CH-46! Pilot Major Reed, crew/chief Joe Dilullo, the rest of the crew and ten other Marine had a bad day! Read the Stars and Stripes article to learn how fourteen Marines survived this crash
- photo courtesy of Joe Dilullo -

Nose Art - The nose art of Crew/Chief Jim De Haan's aircraft was painted on just behind the pilots position. Also, note the hoist in the open hatch, which was used for vertical extractions
- photo courtesy of Joe Morin -

"The Elusive Tiger" - White Knights at MMAF Russ Francis on the left, Jon Hall center, with Dale Riley, HMM-262 Crewchief of ET-13, "The Elusive Tiger."
- photo courtesy of Dave Riley -

Just Outside the Ready Room, MMAF, RVN - Outside the Ready Room, a "bull" session: HMM-165's Assistant Maintenance Officer, Capt. 'Chip' Cipolla, shares information with some senior non-commissioned officers from the various shops. My God, it looks like someone is eating a spam sandwich! Now, there's one sick Marine!
- photo courtesy of John Dullingham -

John Dullighan - Boeing-Vertol provided each squadron, which flew their CH-46s, with company Technical Representatives. Here John Dullighan, HMM-165's Tech Rep, has some java at the Squadron's Line Shack at MMA. As a British subject, John displays both the Union Jack and the Stars & Strips on his flight jacket. Although "unofficial," towards the end of his time with the White Knights, John was presented with Combat Crew Wings by a group of appreciative Crew/Chiefs for being there on numerous flights.
- photo courtesy of John Dullingham -

Don't forget Your Body Armor! - The results of an aborted Recon insertion. David "Sam" Hedderman, pilot on this mission, nursed this helicopter back to An Hoa. Bob Ross, the crew/chief, who was guiding the bird into the LZ stood at this hatch, and took six of the thirty-seven rounds seen here: four of the six impacted on his "bullet bouncer (body armor)" which saved his life.
- photo courtesy of John Dulligham -

The aft end of the CH-46 that Sam Hedderman brought back as far as An Hoa. The rounds went through the crew's hatch and exited here. (front end shown in photo above).
- photo courtesy of John Dulligham -
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