Wings the Marines of HMM-165
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Refueling At Sea - Squadron personnel pause to observe at-sea refueling, and no, the "smoking lamp" is not authorized at this moment.
- photo courtesy of Bill Heimsath -

"Requals" aboard the USS Tripoli - Pilots of HMM-165 are getting requalified for operations aboard a carrier. Naval aviators must stay current in their qualifications to make landings and take-offs on a flight deck, or periodically get checked out.
- photo courtesy of Mike Stanton -

In the Philippines - The USS Tripoli pulls into Subic Bay. When aft transmissions started to fail the Phrogs were off-loaded for repairs.
- photo courtesy of Jake Eby -

Danny Thomasson sitting outside the shop in NAS Cubi Point during the Philippine flood operations
- photo courtesy of Danny Thomasson -

YW-14 on the flight line probably at NAS Cubi Point.
- photo courtesy of Jake Eby -

Jake Eby tends to YW-14, probably on the NAS Cubi Point flight line
- photo courtesy of Jake Eby -

The Kalaklan River - The fragrant and scenic river bordering U.S Naval Base, Subic Bay
- photo courtesy of Jake Eby -

Post-afternoon work party deliberations - Some of the names: (left) Cpl John Birge; (sipping) Cpl Roger Killman; (center, no shirt) Sgt (smitty) Smith; (top right) Cpl Chjarlie Brown III and Cpl R.D. Miller
- photo courtesy of Jake Eby -

Aboard the USS New Orleans also designated Landing Platform Helicopter (LPH), with HMM-165. The LPH was part of a Marine Amphibious Assault Group that cruised the Vietnam coast. In this shot, Yankee Whiskey (YW) aircraft, with rotor blades folded, are spotted on the flight deck for a future launch.
- photo courtesy of Bill Heimsath -

Tied down, but ready to go on LPH-11 - Pictured on the flight deck are various HMM-165 aircraft: a CH-46, a CH-53 and a Huey (aft). At this time, HMM-165 was designated a "composite unit" comprised of numerous types of helicopter to accomplish the full scope of support activities that they may be called on to preform.
- photo courtesy of Bill Heimsath -
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