Wings the Marines of HMM-165
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Riding in style - Left to right Irvin Clark, Rick Nelson and Jim Robinson eith Danny Thomasson sitting in the seat
- photo courtesy of Danny Thomasson -

Aboard the New Orleans - Left to right Seve Austin, Danny Thomasson and unidentified White Knight alongside a CH-53
- photo courtesy of Danny Thomasson -

Flight Operations aboard the New Orleans, LPH-11
- photo courtesy of Danny Thomasson -

Aboard the USS New Orleans
- photo courtesy of Danny Thomasson -

USS New Orleans, LPH 11, had a flight deck 84 feet wide by 598 feet long ... a floating helicopter airport. This carrier could land or discharge six helicopter at once under normal conditions.
- photo courtesy of Bill Heimsath -

Life aboard the LPH 11 near day's end
- photo courtesy of Jake Eby -

USS New Orleans (or is it the Tripoli?) - White Knights aboard ship led by C.O. LtCol Doc Eggers (standing beneath forward Rescue placard, hands folded). If you can ID other Marines, contact the web OIC [Click on photo to see larger version]
- photo supplied by Al Zygowicz; owner unknown -
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