Wings the Marines of HMM-165
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Yankee Whiskey 02 sits awaiting repairs by the ocean (see photo above.) Note the HMM-165 White Knight helmet on the front pylon. - photo courtesy of Eddie Brennan -
Yankee Whiskey 06 departs the USS Tripoli on an evening flight. Off the coast of the Philippines, October 1973. - photo courtesy of Eddie Brennan -
"Operation Eagle Pull" - YW-01, one of three birds assigned to "Detachment A," takes off from the USS Okinawa while docked in the Philippines in December 1973. "Detachment A" remained behind possibly as a contigency for "Operation Eagle Pull." - photo courtesy of Eddie Brennan -
A vigilant crew scans the ground for tell-tale puffs of smoke. Shoulder fired SAMs (surface-to-air missiles) were a part of the enemy's arsenal at this time. - photo courtesy of Kevin Williams -
50 Caliber Ready for Action - The portside gunner's position is ready for action with a belt of 50 caliber ammunition. This aircraft has just parked into a revetment at Da Nang. - photo courtesy of Kevin Williams -
North Vietnam 1973 - The view of Haiphong Airfield from the back of a White Knight CH-46 during the "talks" near the end of the United States "involvement" in Viet Nam. Cameras were not supposed to be allowed, but in true "Marine Tradition", one just happened to accompany this crew. - photo courtesy of Kevin Williams -
Outside of Da Nang - In a compound just outside of Da Nang, the Republic of South Vietnam's Vice President has just landed. HMM-165 was involved in escort activities in conjunction with this VIP's trip. - photo courtesy of Kevin Williams -
Getting down to Business - This view of the "Line Shack" is in somewhat of a contrast of the ones known to the squadron during prior years in Viet Nam. It looks as if the lights are bright enough to read with, not to mention just a little cooler, in many ways. - photo courtesy of Any Mouse -
North Vietnam 1973 - Here in the pilots Ready Room the amenities of life aboard ship is reflected with the same contrast as the line shack of the bygone years. - photo courtesy of Any Mouse -
An Aircraft of the Restricted Variety - The height of blasphemy: A Helo Crew member even THINKING of fixed wing! It appears as if he may be getting reminded of that fact, post haste. - photo courtesy of Any Mouse -
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