Wings the Marines of HMM-165
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Massive oil fires in Kuwait - As the Iraqi forces retreated, they ignited hundreds of fires at oil rigs throughout Kuwait. Daytime skies were blackened with smoke and the smell of petroleum was prevalent everywhere, even at our Tanajib Base. Kuwait. Mar 91.
- photo courtesy of Curly Culp -

Farewell to Tripod - During a Medevac standby mission, Jungle rescued an injured dog found wandering in the Kuwaiti desert. The pooch was brought back to Tanajib via White Knight Air and treated by our Flight Surgeon. Tripod was left in the good hands of American ARAMCO workers. Great job Jung! Tanajib, Saudi Arabia. Mar 91.
- photo courtesy of Curly Culp -

Heading Home - On 13 Mar, the White Knights started their journey home. After a quick refuel in Rome, we landed in Shannon, Ireland at 3am. When the announcement was made that we were allowed to drink alcohol, the plane unloaded in record time. L-R: Cowchip Lindsey, a drunk Irishman, Curly Culp, and Jungle Cunningham enjoy a Guinness at the airport bar.
- photo courtesy of Curly Culp -

Home at Last - Casper Hogan, Curly Culp, and Schlong Schlund stand in front of the Hawaiian Air 757 that transported the squadron from Saudi Arabia to Hawaii. USMC buses are used to complete the final leg home to K-Bay. Hickham AFB, Hi. 14 Mar 91.
- photo courtesy of Curly Culp -

White Knights Mess Night - LtCol Sam "MadDog" Hall (CO) and LtCol Phil "Genghis" Westcott (XO). Kaneohe Bay, Hi. May 91
- photo courtesy of Curly Culp -

The Motley Crew - 1Lt John Smith, Capt Kevin Monahan, Maj Opie Taylor, Capt Warlord Mitchell, Capt Boingo Bruen, Capt Cowchip Lindsey, Capt Curly Culp, Capt Greyhound Mosher, LtCol MadDog Hall (CO). Kaneohe Bay, Hi. May 91
- photo courtesy of Curly Culp -
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