Wings the Marines of HMM-165
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Calling in to the 101 Pad - MCAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii 1992 - photo courtesy of Robert "Chuck' Holomshek -

Diving off of "The Seawall" - L-R: Capt Smitty Smith, Capt Ross Stevenson, Capt BJ Honeycutt, Capt Boingo Bruen, Capt Curly Culp (Fleet Support from MAWTS-1). Okinawa, JP. Aug 92
- photo courtesy of Curly Culp -

The Greatest Club in the World - Seated: Capt "Magilla" , Maj Warlord Mitchell, Unk, Capt Chris Keane. Standing: Capt Curly Culp (visitor), Capt Cowchip Lindsey, Maj "Joker". Cubi Pt O'Club, PI. Aug 92
- photo courtesy of Curly Culp -
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