Wings the Marines of HMM-165
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Forward Operating Base (FOB) Jalibah, Iraq May 2003 - Major Todd "1-2" Oneto (L) and Major Mike "Phloyd" McCoy at abandoned Iraqi airfield used as a FOB during the initial phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
- photo courtesy of LtColT odd "1-2" Oneto -

HMM-165 CH-46 on Easter Sunday 2003
- Photo courtesy of Major Scott "Mallard" Broberg -

Major Todd "1-2" Oneto getting hair cut by Sgt Rafael Naranjo, HMM-165 S-1 Chief during OIF. FOB Jalibah, Iraq May 2003
- photo courtesy of LtColT odd "1-2" Oneto -
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