Wings the Marines of HMM-165
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Melaboa Sumatra - Indonesian Tsunami Relief 10 January 2005
- photo courtesy of Capt. Drew "Kip" Smith -

Giant Buddha, Dambulla, Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Tsunami Relief January 15, 2005
- photo courtesy of Capt. Drew "Kip" Smith -

Tsunami Relief January 2005 - Delivering supplies to an Indonesian bridge
- photo courtesy of Capt. Drew "Kip" Smith -

HMM-165 Phrog Pilots January 30, 2005 - Standing – Maj Todd “1-2” Oneto, Capt Brian “Spook” Fausett, Maj Greg “Weisel” Feroldi, Capt Mike “Dude” Callaghan, Capt Andy “Trench” Gonzalez, Maj Jim Shores, 1stLt Davi “Knuckles” Nicol, Capt Rick “Princess” Lund, 1stLt Timmy “Eunich” Kent, Capt Wil “Fester” Oliver, LtCol Eric “Bart” Steidl, Maj Ed “Short bus” Gibson, Capt Chadd “Rabbi” Bloomstine, Capt Kevin “Flounder” Duffy, Capt Geoff “Skinny” Kristianson.
Kneeling – Capt Brad “Barrel” Fessler, Capt Mike “Sweaty” Crivello, 1stLt Drew “Kip” Smith, 1stLt Adam “Possum” Martzke, Capt Chris “Laces” Duke, Capt Greg “Bambi” Bamford, Capt Luis Gomez
- photo courtesy of Capt. Drew "Kip" Smith -

Group Shot Camp Udairi Prior To Going North, March 2005 - Front – LtCol Eric Steidl (CH-46), Capt Brad Fessler (CH-46), 1stLt Adam Martzke (CH-46), Capt Mike Crivello (CH-46), Capt Chris Duke (CH-46)
Next 2 Rows – Maj Chad Blair (CH-46), Maj Todd Oneto (CH-46), Capt Travis Patterson (AH-1), Maj Aaron Marx (AH-1), Capt Rick Lund (CH-46), 1stLt Amy Roznowski (AH-1), 1stLt Drew Smith (CH-46), Capt Luis Gomez (CH-46), 1stLt Kevin Kryst (AH-1), Capt Greg Bamford (CH-46), unidentified, Capt Rick Lund (CH-46), Capt Doug Campbell (UH-1), unidentified, Capt Dan Nolan (CH-46), Capt Dave Shealy (CH-46), Capt Livingston (AH-1), Capt Kevin Duffy (CH-46), Capt Per D Hurst (CH-46)
Last 2 Rows – “Chuckles” (UH-1), 1stLt Timmy Kent (CH-46), Capt Vic Abelson (AH-1), Capt Sam Deputy, unidentified, 1stLt Tali Burton (UH-1), 1stLt Tommy Hunt (UH-1), Capt Andy Gonzalez (CH-46), unidentified, Capt Chadd Bloomstine (CH-46), Capt Mike Callaghan (CH-46), 1stLt Ian Rowe (AH-1), 1stLt Dave Nicol (CH-46), Capt Brian Fausett (CH-46), Maj Jim Shores, Maj Ed Gibson.
- photo courtesy of Capt. Drew "Kip" Smith -

In The Ready Room at Udairi Army Airfield, 21 Feb 2005 - HMM-165 (Rein) XO LtCol Todd "1-2" Oneto (left) and S-1 Admin Chief Sergeant Rafael Naranjo. In March, 165 pushed north of the border for combat operations in Iraq for a 30-day period in support of the US Army. CH-46Es/AH-1s/UH-1s were stationed at Al Taqqadum while CH-53s/AV8Bs were sent to Al Asad. HMM-165 (Reinforced) was the Aviation Combat Element (ACE) of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (15th MEU)
- photo courtesy of LtCol Todd "1-2" Oneto -

Udairi Army Airfield, Kuwait, 27 Feb 2005 XO LtCol Todd "1-2" Oneto (left) & S-1 Admin Chief Sgt Rafael Naranjo adjacent to HMM-165 sign. Shortly after this photo, 165 (Reinforced) pushed north into Iraq for 30 days of combat operations in support of US Army units south & west of Baghdad.
- photo courtesy of LtCol Todd "1-2" Oneto -
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